ESEED - Projects

Overview of the database Projects application

Premise - Use Premise to maintain Locations, Occupants and Owners. Create a new project by adding it to an existing Premise.

Project - Use Project to Maintain Project information and add Installed Measures.

Reports - Use Reports to view the overal savings results from accumulated project work.


Project - A project is a piece of work with a customer that is intended to have the customer install efficiency measures. The project has a beginning date and an end date. During the project efficiency measures that are installed in the customer location are added to the database. These projects are performed for a particular premise.

Premise - A Premise is location represented by a utility electric meter account. The Premise can have Occupants and/or Owners. Once a Premise exists in the database a project can be added to it.

Installed Measures - Efficiency Measures that are entered in the database use the Savings Calculation Engine and the measure specific savings algorythms to quantify the energy savings resulting from installation. All savings reporting is based on these quantified values.