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The Energy Efficiency Database Suite is comprised of three applications which enable the user to store and use a Technical Reference Manual (TRM) in a database format. This format enables easier long term maintenance of efficiency measure information. It also provides a Savings Calculation Engine.

The Savings Calculation Engine is a dynamic tool used by each application that interprets the measure savings algorithms to provide demand (kW) and energy (kWh) savings values.

The View application provides a simple interface to select a measure from the database and display its full characteristics. Installed savings displayed by the Savings Calculation Engine are based on the selected characteristics of the measure

The Tools application provides maintenance functions for entering and updating the full measure definition. All tables are driven by effective date ranges so a clear history of the changes to the measure characterization is automatically maintained. A dynamic data entry tool provides maintenance for the characteristics of measures from the very simple to the very complex. Measure formula validation is used to insure that the definition has a valid mathematical structure before the measure can be used in the View application or the Projects application. The final definition supports calculating savings values at the meter and at the generator through the Savings Calculation Engine.

The Projects application provides the means to track measure installation programs in customer locations and to report on the savings of the installed measures. The Owner and Occupant information can be applied to a Premise (Location, Address). Projects are added to a Premise and Measures are added to projects. The Measure Add function uses the Savings Calculation Engine to determine the savings for the specific configuration of the measure as it is installed. Reporting is based on the installed measure savings.

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